Agile & Digital Transformation
Die digitale Disruption hat die Spielregeln verändert: Kunden, Services, Produkte, Prozesse und Maschinen werden digital — ganze Wirtschaftszweige verändern sich.
Gestalten Sie das digitale Spiel zu Ihren Gunsten! Wir helfen Ihnen dabei.


Wir geben Ihnen Orientierung im digitalen Wandel, vermitteln Ihnen digitale Schlüsselkompetenzen und begleiten Ihre agile & digitale Transformation.

Orientierung im digitalen Wandel

  • Was bedeutet Digitalisierung wirklich?
  • Was sind agile Denk- und Arbeitsweisen?
  • Wie werden Teams agil?
  • Wir wird ein Unternehmen wirklich agil?
  • Wo fange ich als Geschäftsführer an?
  • Wo fange ich als Führungskraft an?
  • Wo fange ich als Mitarbeiter an?

digitale Schlüsselkompetenzen

  • Agile Denk- und Arbeitsweisen
  • Strategie- & Portfolio-Management mit Kanban
  • Innovative Ideen mit Design Thinking entwickeln
  • Ideen mit Design Sprints in 5 Tagen testen
  • Geschäftsmodelle mit Business Model Generation konzipieren
  • Produkte mit Scrum, Kanban & Lean Start-up entwickeln
  • Entwicklung mit Kanban & Scrum koordinieren und skalieren
  • Agile Architecture & Agile Infrastructure

agile & digitale Transformation

  • Agilität im Management
  • Agilität in R&D
  • Agilität in IT
  • Agilität im Marketing
  • Agilität im Vertrieb
  • Agilität im Service
  • Agilität in HR
  • Agile Coaching
  • Scrum Master
  • Kanban Coaching
  • Ideation & Innovation Coaching

Über uns

Wir sind Agile Coaches und Organisationsentwickler. Wir geben Ihnen Orientierung im digitalen Wandel, vermitteln Ihnen digitale Schlüsselkompetenzen und begleiten Ihre agile & digitale Transformation.

Johannes Geske

Julian Ehmer

Unser Anspruch & Antrieb

We consider agility the ultimate competitive advantage – both because it is so powerful and so difficult to master. By mastering agility, we can create unprecedented value for our customers, employees and organization.

We seek to gain this advantage by changing our mindset and actions

from profit to profitable purpose,
from departmental leaders to cohesive leadership teams,
from hierarchical thinking to servant leadership,
from command & control to empowerment & autonomous teams,
from silos to networks of self-contained teams,
from untested assumptions to validated hypotheses,
from agile teams to agile value streams.

We are striving to become truly agile – and we help others accomplish this, too.

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Zu unseren Kunden aus den Branchen Automotive, Chemie, Fashion, Hospitality, Handel, HVAC, IT, Messe und Telekommunikation gehören unter anderem Audi, BASF, Deutsche Messe, Fashionette, HRS, Klöckner & Co, thyssenkrupp und Vaillant Group.
„Johannes was key to helping us understand the various dimensions of transformational work at an organizational level. With his coaching and framework for Agile & Digital Transformation which goes well beyond Agile or Digital, we were able to identify by ourselves the scope of work required to become more agile. With Johannes‘ help, we are on a good way to ‘master the complexity’ of our business. To invest in Johannes and his workshops is a real good investment in terms of getting a real to the point result, a perfectly done summary and a hands on starting point for you and the teams. So to say, tangible results from where you could go on yourself generated by a great host and coach!“

Michael Mollath, Chief Digital Officer, Deutsche Messe AG

„Johannes & Dieter conducted a 2-day Scrum training for my team of product owners at HRS. They explained how we can integrate Design Thinking into our agile process and gave us a full load of new ideas on how to progress with our Scrum adoption. I can strongly recommend working with Johannes & Dieter as Agile trainers and coaches. And I am looking forward to working with them again in the future.“

Torsten Schollmayer, Product Director StepStone Continental Europe

„Johannes is an excellent consultant and leader. He can be entrusted to understand situations quickly and develop as well as execute strategies to achieve the desired outcome. He has been key to coining, planning and executing the organizational transformation of our international team and Agile methodology. I can highly recommend Jo’s services, and I would be more than happy to provide references upon request.“

Bernd Kruse, Vice President at Publicis.Sapient, Global Salesforce Program Owner




Johannes Geske
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